School Governors

The school’s Governing Body is made up of parents, local people and Local Authority representatives who are responsible for ensuring the school is run in a safe and efficient manner and that children receive their educational entitlement. Governors are a voluntary body and assist the Head Teacher and leadership team in monitoring and evaluating the school in all aspects of its work. For example the committees will ensure that:
• Financial and legal procedures are adhered to
• Policies are up to date and compliant
• Challenging targets are set for achievement
• Set challenging targets for the Head Teacher
• Health and safety  and safeguarding requirements are fulfilled
• Governor visits are conducted to monitor and evaluate the leadership of the curriculum or other chosen area e.g. Special Educational Needs
• Liaison between the Head Teacher the School Support Advisor is utilised to ensure the school is constantly moving forward and progressing

The Parent Governors have also formulated a Parent and Carers’ Forum (PCF) whereby parents/carers can leave feedback (anonymously if so desired). They will then discuss the feedback as a group then meet with the head teacher and make plans to address any issues that have arisen. Occasionally the PCF will ask specific questions if there is an area on which the school requires feedback. There are currently three ways you can contact the PCF – there is a posting box in the corridor outside the school office, there is a secure, dedicated e-mail address and even a text message service 07840123931.  All comments received will be treated confidentially and anonymously.


Please find below pen portraits of some of the current Governing body.

Please find below a copy of the structure and responsibilities of the Governing Body and its committees:
Information about attendance at Governing Body meetings and committee meetings can be found below:
Information about each governor's term of office and who appointed them can be found below: