History at Holywell Village First School

At Holywell Village First School we strive to make pupils’ learning in History exiting, engaging, challenging and rewarding to ensure children have a thirst for learning and are curious to explore the world around them.

Our School Vision:

'At Holywell Village First School we have high aspirations for our children to become well-rounded and responsible future citizens. They are happy, independent and have positive self-esteem. Our children have a thirst for learning. They are curious about the world around them and are confident to ‘have a go’. They are reflective learners who persevere and demonstrate good communication and social skills. They are thoughtful, caring and kind. '

We believe that high quality teaching and learning in History will inspire and engage pupils to be curious about the past and want to further their knowledge. By providing a broad and balanced yet creative curriculum, we ensure children are inspired to learn more and remember more. We achieve this through:

  • Planning and delivering engaging lessons relevant to the lives of the children and community here at Holywell Village First School
  • Developing exciting cross-curricular links and using the Literature Works approach to immerse the children in their learning
  • First-hand learning experiences and visits to local historical sites when appropriate
  • Displaying chronological and prior learning in books/classrooms.
  • Inviting parents/carers into school to share our learning within History.

We ensure that children’s learning is built upon from EYFS to Year 4 through a carefully planned curriculum that excites and encourages children to reflect upon their prior learning whilst further developing their skills and knowledge within History. We want children to become confident with their chronological understanding, historical enquiry, historical knowledge and interpretation. Through high-quality teaching and learning the staff at Holywell encourage children to be inquisitive and curious within the subject of History and provide them with the skills required as they move in to middle school and the next stage of their education.