Latest Information

14th April 2021
We will continue to keep our website, app and Facebook page updated, should there be any emergency announcements - please check regularly.
We are pleased to welcome everyone back and hope everyone had a wonderful summer.
We are happy to confirm the following measures are in place for returning to school: 
Adults within school are still instructed to adhere to social distancing (2m with each other and 1m with children) and unfortunately we are unable to have parents/carers within school still.  
Children will  be able to play with those in their class and other classes, although this will be monitored for Test and Trace information as and when a COVID case is reported/discovered.
We will still be having a robust cleaning regime throughout school which includes the children washing their hands upon entering the school, after playtime, before and after lunch and after any coughing/sneezing episodes.  Contact surfaces will be cleaned frequently throughout the day and additional deep cleaning time given.
Rooms and corridors will continue to be ventilated throughout the day and therefore the temperature within school will be colder - children may need additional layers as a result. 
All children will be eating in the school hall and enjoying a hot meal - we are very happy about this as we were all tired of packed lunches! If you wish for your child to receive a hot meal, please contact Mr. Wood in the school office who will be happy to discuss and arrange this for you.
Please remember that ONLY school book bags are permitted into school - no backpacks or other style bags from September 7th.  PE Bags should be brought into school each Monday and they will remain in school until Fridays when they will be sent home for cleaning.  
Everyone is to come into school via the pedestrian entrance and at 8.55am children will line up on the yard (there will be class identifying markers in place to assist with reminding the children where they line up).  Parents/Carers dropping children off are asked to maintain social distancing and stand away from the lining up area.
Everyone will leave by the pedestrian gate at the end of the school day at 3pm also, so please be mindful of this and where possible maintain social distancing when entering the school grounds.
Please feel free to email Mrs. Reed (School Manager) if you require anything further.