Our school day

This academic year we have five classes and one part-time nursery class.  All classes are of mixed ability and are composed of both boys and girls.
Teachers meet regularly to plan and discuss curriculum issues ensuring continuity and progression throughout school.

To further their professional development, the teaching staff are expected to work with other age groups thereby increasing their knowledge and sharing their expertise.

School Hours
Morning Session:  Nursery     9:00am—12 noon

Morning Session:  Reception and KS 1 (Years 1 & 2) 8.55am—12 noon
Afternoon session:        1.00pm—3.00pm

Morning Session:  KS 2 (Years 3 & 4)    8.55am—12.10pm
Afternoon Session:        12.50pm—3.00pm

Teaching Hours:  Nursery     15 Hours
    Reception & KS 1    24 Hours 10 minutes
    KS 2      25 Hours 50 Mins

Assembly Times

Monday whole school assembly 10.10-10.30am - School Hall

Tuesday in class assemblies 10.10-10.30am

Wednesday years 1-4 assembly 10.10-10.30am - School Hall

EYFS assembly 10.30-10.45 - Classroom

Thursday Singing assembly 10.10-10.30am  - School Hall

Friday whole school and family assembly 9.05 - 9.30am - School Hall