Latest News:

Unfortunately we received information in January that due to the reduced number of teams interested, it was unlikely that there would not be a South East Northumberland League for our school teams to play in.  However, the interested schools' coaches have devised a way for the league to continue based around each of the schools playing each other three times.

Therefore the league will go ahead and we have received information today (7th March) confirming fixtures which is available to download and view here.

Mr. Anderson held trials a couple of weeks ago and we have notified the successful children as to who will be playing on yellow and blue teams.

We have heard from Mr. Anderson that weekly football timing is looking to be slightly longer than it has been in previous years.  Suggested timings are 9.30-12pm with alternate week rotas in operation - however this will be made more clear when further instructions/guidance from Mr. Anderson are circulated.