We have an online ordering service through our uniform provider CIEL UNIFORMS of Gosforth.

The ordering system is very simple and allows parents/carers to order as much or as little uniform as and when they require it.

Please click on the link below which will direct you to the Holywell Village First School uniform page of Ciel Uniform's website.


Secure online payment is available with debit/credit card or alternatively you may place your order over the telephone by calling the shop directly on 0191 246 4503. 

As the shop is local, parents/carers have the option of ordering items and have names embroidered whilst they wait.  Alternatively uniform items can be delivered to school free of charge or to an address of your choice for a postage fee.

We advise parents that there is no requirement to purchase uniform with the school logo, generic uniform items are perfectly acceptable also.

Our Parents and Friends Association operate a pre-loved uniform sale on the first Tuesday of each half-term and sell nearly new and pre-loved uniform items to help raise funds for school.  Items of clothing range from 50p to £1.

Please note that school operates a no jewellery policy on the grounds of health and safety. Should a child have their ears pierced, we suggest that this is carried out at the beginning of the summer holidays so that the required 6 week healing period, when earrings must be worn continually, does not occur during school time.

Staff are not permitted to remove earrings and therefore parents/carers will be called into school to remove any earrings worn by children.  Previously a grace period (6 weeks) was permitted, however this will no longer be the case and the no earring policy will be enforced immediately.  Only acrylic retainers (not plastic or acrylic earrings) are permitted to be worn within school.  Please note children are permitted to wear a watch.

PE Dress Code

Clothing: Children should wear clothes appropriate for physical activity. Acceptable kit is that which presents no danger to the child themselves or to other children. It should be light and allow good freedom of movement, without being baggy or loose, for work indoors. The school recommends a smart, plain, white t-shirt and plain, blue shorts to be worn during PE lessons.

Clothing for outdoor lessons should again allow for good freedom of movement, but will also need to offer some insulation from cold weather in the winter months. A pair of tracksuit bottoms should suffice.

Footwear: Should be fit for purpose. For games lessons, children require footwear that offers grip, support and reasonable protection for outside work and games. Gymnastics and Dance require lighter footwear and therefore sandshoes or preferably bare feet are most suited.

Personal Effects: such as religious artifacts, watches, hair slides, sensory aids etc, should always be removed by children before participating in physical activity. Staff also need to be aware of their own adornments and any exception to the recommendation of complete removal needs to be carefully considered.

Hair: It is essential that all long hair should be tied back during P.E. for the safety of your own child. If you or your child forgets then they will be given an elastic band and asked to do so for themselves.