PE at Holywell Village First School

Holywell Village First School has been awarded School Games Gold status five years in a row. As a result we are a platinum School Games award holder and very proud of this achievement. PE provision underpins our school vision:

'At Holywell Village First School we have high aspirations for our children to become well-rounded and responsible future citizens. They are happy, independent and have positive self-esteem. Our children have a thirst for learning. They are curious about the world around them and are confident to ‘have a go’. They are reflective learners who persevere and demonstrate good communication and social skills. They are thoughtful, caring and kind.'

We believe that high quality Physical Education is a key driver to ensure that pupils’ mental and physical well-being is developed in order for them to feel happy and have a positive self-esteem. We achieve this through:

  •  high quality teaching and coaching in PE
  •  provision of opportunities for all to engage in competitions
  •  opportunities to participate in showcases and a range of extra-curricular opportunities
  •  identifying the most able, arranging for older pupils to participate in a PE Gifted and Talented academy  and signposting to appropriate clubs and coaching.
By ensuring we provide a rich and varied programme, pupils regularly learn new skills in sports and activities out of their experiences and they are encouraged to ‘have a go’.

Excellent sporting knowledge and skills are developed from the Nursery class through to Year 4. There is a planned programme of delivery to enable children to acquire the knowledge of each skill, activity and sport; as a result, by Year 4 we expect our pupils to compete in Level 2 competitions in games, dance and gymnastics and to participate in an adventurous activity residential and a cycling programme. This provides our pupils with an excellent set of knowledge and skills and attitudes as they move to middle school and the greater physical and competitive demands of Upper Key stage 2.

We invest in our youngest pupils who have high quality physical literacy coaching weekly from Nursery to the end of Reception. In Year 1 to 4 pupils benefit from team teaching between highly qualified coaches and school based teaching staff.

Pupils’ opinions are canvassed about extra-curricular clubs and school strives to offer the clubs based on their interests as well as offering activities that are outside of their experiences.