Latest Information

30th November -0001
We are thrilled to welcome everyone back into school along with a few new faces.  You will all no doubt have noticed how amazing school looks - this has been down to a team of construction workers throughout the summer working tirelessly to get our work finished on time. 
We are incredibly grateful to them for their hard work and our lovely new look exterior, 138 new windows, surface mounted central heating system and 78 new radiators! 
With this is mind, can we ask that people refrain from touching the new windows; as you will have noticed they have a special privacy coating which if damaged is very expensive to repair. 
We ask that parents/carers refrain from banging on windows or attempting to see into school at close range, just in case damage occurs. 
 We look forward to an exciting school year ahead and hope you are too.
We will continue to keep our website, app and Facebook page updated, should there be any emergency announcements - please check regularly.